Game Industry Outsourcing

There is a significant increase of about 70% in outsourcing game development from 2007 to 2008. And surprisingly, Almost 90% of the gaming industries who are outsourcing their game development process plan to carry on with the outsourcing strategy in the coming years. 1

There can many benefits of outsourcing gaming industry. Outsourcing can reasonably reduce the cost of development and production of various gaming consoles and softwares.

It is the closest solution to the increase in cost and demand of gaming production. Through outsourcing, elevated assets for modern gaming console systems can be achieved and therefore, it can help gaming industries remain competitive in the global market despite the current economic downturn.

Although it is commonly said that quality control is difficult to manage in outsourcing, many systems and processes are now being developed to lever such problems since outsourcing has been proven valuable for various gaming industries. Many UK game developers such as Blitz Games and UBisoft resort to outsourcing in order to compete in the next generation of gaming market.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are among gaming companies who also have their game elements being outsourced as well as Collision Studios, an award winning US game development firm outsourcing to Filipino providers.3

The Philippines, is now being eyed for outsourcing gaming industry. Filipinos, in addition to being highly trainable and having excellent English communication skills, can also undoubtedly learn various complex softwares for gaming as well as provide support in various gaming portals.